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The Farm

The Farm

Our small farm is set in approximately one hundred acres on the edge of the Pennines and is home to Hacking Hill Pedigree Aberdeen Angus beef cattle. We source all our pigs from a local farm.

The Angus herd was chosen for their ease of calving, natural grass rearing ability, general calm temperament and to produce good quality meats, our number one speciality.

Our aim is to give these animals the best quality of life possible. This means they have a stress free, unforced, outdoor reared life as nature intended. Our beef cattle live a comfortable life for around two years, until they are finished. This  means they are ready to produce fantastic quality meat.

We use a local abattoir only three miles away. This short journey minimises stress for the animal and also helps reduce pollution, normally caused by the transportation of food all around the country.

You will find us at Hacking Hill Farm Shop only one and a half miles from Penistone town centre.

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